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What is Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy enables people to participate in daily life to improve their health and wellbeing.

Daily life is made up of many activities (or occupations). Occupations for children or young people may include self-care (getting ready to go out, eating a meal, using the toilet), being productive (going to nursery or school, or volunteering), and leisure (playing with friends or doing hobbies).

Our occupational therapists specialise in the assessment and treatment of the following:

✓ Sensory Regulation

✓ Sensory processing and Sensory Integration

✓ Visual-Motor Integration

✓ Visual Perceptual skills

✓ Fine and Gross motor control and coordination

✓ Self-Care Skills

✓ Social and Peer Interaction Skills

✓ Attention Control strategies (Mindfulness)

✓ Handwriting